Helping Your Homeless Friend/Family/Client

This page is for you to help your homeless friend/family member/client find shelter and any other help needed. We will ask you a few important questions to "triage" him/her so that he/she can get the best possible help as soon as possible.

Fields highlighted in pink need to be filled in.

How are you related to the person?
What's your friend/family member's particulars?
How did you get to know him/her?
Do you face any difficulties in helping him/her?
Let us know so that we can see how to help support you better.
What level of homelessness is he/she currently at?
How long has he/she been homeless?
It's ok to leave this field blank if you are not sure or the person is not yet homeless.
How did he/she become homeless?
It's ok to leave this field blank if you are not sure or the person is not yet homeless.
How long would he/she need shelter? Please quote an estimated date where possible.
This field is compulsory.
What are the long-term plans for the person to eventually find a stable place to stay?
This field is compulsory.
Which social assistance(s) has he/she sought so far?
This section is required.Tap on any that applies.
Have seen a social worker
What's his/her social worker's name?
What's his/her social worker's organisation?
What's his/her social worker's contact no.?
Any notes regarding his/her view towards receiving social assistance?
Have appealed to an MP
What's the MP's name?
Any notes regarding the MP?
Have been helped by other friends
Where group(s) are the friends from?
Any notes about them?
What kind of employment does he/she currently have?
If the person lost his/her job, what was the reason?
Any notes about his/her employment?
Does he/she need urgent medical/emotional care?
If he/she has suicidal thoughts / attempted suicide, PLEASE PRESS YES IMMEDIATELY.
Please share more details where possible, so that we can source for qualified medical professionals / counsellors to help him/her ASAP.
What language(s) does he/she speak?
Tap on any that applies. This info will help us send the right volunteers down who can best speak his/her language(s).
What is his/her marital status?
What are his/her family relationships like?
Tap on any that applies. You don't need to select any category, but knowing this info will help us get the best people to befriend & help him/her.
What help does he/she need?
Tap on any that applies. Important: Do NOT make any promises you can't keep. And don't force him/her to accept any help. Only if he/she wants help should you then indicate here.
Would he/she like to stay at a temporary overnight shelter?
There are a number of churches/mosques/temples and NGOs that have opened their spaces for our homeless friends to sleep in. We call them Safe Sound Sleeping Places (S3Ps).
Would you be able to bring us to meet him/her in person?
Any other notes?

Do drop us a message at if you discover any problems or have any questions. Thank you!