Homeless Hearts (Ltd.) (“Homeless Hearts of Singapore / HHOS”) was founded in July 2014 by Abraham Yeo and Mervin Lee. HHOS was officially incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (UEN: 201839495C) and registered as a charity under the Charities Act (Chapter 37) on 21 Nov 2018.

HHOS is a secular homeless befriending group based on Christian values (as the co-founders are Christians). It is open to all – regardless of race, language or religion. We take a relational approach in collaborating with fellow community partners to help our homeless friends navigate the relevant community support systems, and reintegrate into the community.

From a 2-man team serving in 2 central locations in 2014, today, HHOS has grown to about 200+ volunteers serving about 70 homeless friends on the streets per week across 17 locations all around in Singapore. Since 2019, HHOS has been a partner of MSF’s Partners Engaging and Empowering Rough Sleepers (PEERS) network.

Our Mission

Make Singapore a City of Refuge where the community, infrastructure, and policies provide adequate support for those who are displaced / isolated. 

To help the homeless re-integrate into community via community-building, temporary aid, advocacy, and local partnerships.

Our Vision

We envision Homeless Hearts to serve as a platform to inspire fellow volunteers to start their own grounds-up initiatives to serve and befriend any homeless in their own local neighbourhoods, so that one day every homeless person in every neighbourhood in every age group and every background will find full community support to help them reintegrate back into full community again.

Our Key Strategies: A-B-C-D

  1. Advocating to the public and private sectors in Singapore regarding the importance of  homeless / stateless through talks and walks, and,
  2. Befriending the homeless relationally and journeying with them as they navigate the support systems, and,
  3. Collaborating with fellow community partners to help bring holistic care directly to where the homeless are
  4. Demonstrating models and examples of relational befriending for those interested in starting their own initiatives

With increased awareness, infrastructure, and public interest, HHOS now plays the role of:

  1. An Incubator – Training volunteers and mobilising / equipping / supporting other homeless outreach groups and,
  2. A Hub – Fostering inter-organisational collaborations to holistically serve homeless persons