The Problem

Struggles the Homeless Face

1. Ignorant Inequality

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there.

2. Simplistic Stereotypes

“This is because inequality is not about absolute deprivation, unlike poverty. … Inequality is a structural impediment. Inequality is about how a society’s policies, structures, assumptions and decisions work together to create advantage for some groups, and obstacles for others.” 

— Chua Mui Hoong, Feb 18 2018, The Straits Times

3. Meritocratic Mobility

“We think that as long as there are equal opportunities, all is well. We overlook clear differences in people’s abilities to meet their needs with dignity and without undue struggle. Ultimately, by insisting that it is mainly opportunity that matters, we come to accept unequal outcomes.”

— Dr. Teo You Yenn, 
May 30 2018, The Straits Times

The Destitute Persons Act